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Our Services


We appreciate the confidence and trust that you place in us and we pledge our personal and professional commitment to provide peace of mind and to serve you and your family with caring dignity and respect.

The goods and services that appear in this list represent the STANDARD AND CUSTOMARY charges for services that we can provide to consumers.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have regarding any services or merchandise that we offer. There may even be issues that are not specifically addressed in our General Price List. Please do not hesitate to inquire about these.

Our services include but are by no means limited to any or all of the following:

1. Basic Services of the Funeral Director and Staff:

(Our fee for the services of funeral director and staff include, but is not limited to: staff to respond to initial request for service, arrangements with cemetery, crematory, clergy, and/or others; consultation with family, arranging and supervising funeral ceremony/visitation; 24-hour attention to details, death notices and obituaries, storage and care of flowers, reception and care of condolences, followup and/or aftercare, securing and recording of vital records and permits; funeral processing, documentation, insurance/assignments claimant forms; necessary notary services; filing of necessary forms; record-keeping; necessary follow-up on insurance claims and billing.)

2. Removal of the remains from the place of death (including any medical facility or residence)

3. Topical disinfection of the remains

4. Embalming

(Embalming is the professional disinfecting and chemical preservation of the remains.)

5. Preparation for final viewing  

(Includes minor restorations, hair preparation, cosmetizing, dressing and casketing of the remains)

6. Professional Care with no embalming

7. Specialized Care for Autopsied Cases

8. Supplemental Procedures

9. Restoration  

(Depending on circumstances surrounding the death, any degree of restorative art may be necessary in order to restore the life-like appearance of the deceased.)

10. Gravesite Preparation

11. Use of our facilities for Visitation and Viewing, After-Hours Visitation, Church, Chapel, or

Graveside Services, etc.

12. Motor Equipment provided

13. Printing and Publication Services

14. Notary Public Services


15. Shipping or otherwise transporting a remains to a remote facility in or out of state16. Receiving a remains from a remote facility in or out of state

17. Direct Burial

18. Direct Cremation

(Please see video presentation on cremation process)

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Contact US

Clark Memorial Funeral Service
252 LaFayette Highway
| Roanoke, AL 36274
Tel: 1-334-863-4885
| Fax: (334) 863-6062
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In addition to our Menu of Services, We ALSO Promise

  • Around-The-Clock Availability
  • Office open daily except on weekends, and holidays. We are available to respond to death calls whenever needed.
  • A timely resonse to your call, when your loved one has made the transition from life to death.
  • Tender and compassionate care of your deceased loved one, including preparation of the body for public viewing, and for burial based in a clean, sanitary well-maintained facility. It’s not “The Ritz” but it’s ours, and we cherish it. So we take care of it.
  • Considerate and thoughtful concern for the wishes of the family we are serving.
  • Arrangements of EVERY conceivable aspect of the funeral or memorial service for the deceased.
  • A well-appointed staff to conduct the church, chapel, or grave-side service in a manner dictated by good taste, elegance, pomp and pageantry.
  • Well-prepared, thoughtful, custom designed funeral folders in the style you choose, with a minimum of errors, and omissions.
  • High quality merchandise, provided at the most reasonable cost that will allow us to maintain a decent standard of operations.
  • The Full Services of a Notary Public
  • Price Sensitive “Pre-Packaged” Funeral Arrangements for Families on a limited budget.
  • A Well-established Advanced Planning Program (Pre-Need)
  • Complete Filing of Life Insurance claims, or Claims related to Government benefits such as VA or Social Security.
  • (We will honor any assignable life insurance policy, whether term or whole life; please be aware that some insurance companies do not honor third party assignments. In these cases, it follows that we cannot honor or assist you in filing a claim of this nature. Examples include Masonic endowments, etc.)
  •  Educational Seminars
  • (When invited, we will gladly meet with your church, club, or civic group, to present seminars to educate consumers about the changes in funeral services, and other assistance to those interested in the arrangement process, advance planning (Pre-Need) and other issues related to our industry)
  • We will help you write and execute your Last Will and Testament (This is a very important aspect of “Advance Planning” that many African Americans tend to overlook)
  • Complete Shipping Services
  • Marble or Granite Markers and Memorials
  • AND MUCH MORE…. Just ask Us!

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