Who We Are

We are a family of professional funeral directors who believe very deeply in what we do for other families who lose a loved one through death. Our company is comprised of the daughter and grandchildren of our founder and grandfather, the late Wilkie Clark, who was a life-long resident of Roanoke, Alabama, providing funeral services to […]

Frequently Asked Questions

To explore your options, take some time and thoroughly visit this website; check out all our pages here;  This website has been designed to LEAVE NO QUESTIONS UNANSWERED.  BUT better still, you can always call me for an appointment and come by and let’s talk. [wpfaqgroup id=1]

Why Clark Memorial?

Why should any family call Clark Memorial Funeral Service? Because for us, working with bereaved families is more than just another job to do.  It’s NOT just another call. It really is about the individual who has come to the end of his or her life’s journey and that individual’s family.  That person…. that mom, […]


When a family has suffered the loss of a loved one, the many kindnesses extended by friends, extended family, and other loved ones can be a welcome source of consolation.

Please use this section of our website to help spark ideas about the many ways you can show you are thinking about a family in grief.

Visiting the Deceased at the Funeral Home
Floral Arrangements
Private Condolences
Memorial Gifts
Sympathy Cards


Clark Memorial Funeral Service
"Where Courtesy Dwells and Service Excels!"
252 LaFayette Highway
(Post Office Box 688)
Roanoke, AL 36274

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