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HowWeOperateI want to tell you a little something about how we run our business…   At Clark Memorial Funeral Service, we have role models and their names are The Late Wilkie Clark and his wife, the late Mrs. Hattie Lee Peters Clark.

That was my father and mother, and they are the ones who founded, started, set-up and ran Clark Funeral Home in the late 1960’s.   Now, I’m telling you this, because years ago, our business model, our standards of operation, and our code of ethics was set up by them…. NOBODY ELSE!   And since that time, it has been our intention to live, serve, and do business by their creed.

by-charlotteNow, why do we cling so tightly to their business model?   SIMPLE.  They were two of the most outstanding, honest, and trustworthy individuals in our community.   Wilkie Clark was the kind of man, if he told you something you could take it to the bank.  My mother, Mrs. Clark, was an educator, and what she said, that’s what she meant.  But, she was solid as a rock.  She wasn’t going to mistreat you, but she wasn’t going to let you mistreat her either.   If she owed you a penny, she paid you.  But, if you owed her a nickel, she wanted it.

Wilkie Clark was a man of integrity and ethics.  He didn’t believe in using dirty, underhanded tactics to win people’s business.  He felt that if he was fair, and treated you right, you would come back.   Both of them were all about black progress in the community and bent over backwards to help EVERYBODY…. They didn’t care who it was or what color they were.  They were great corporate citizens… They loved their community and supported the people here in their community whether the people in the community supported them or not.

No, they didn’t have a block long building where you walk in and get blinded by BLING.  But, it was clean and comfortable.  And they made you welcome to whatever was there.   And for us, you know it’s kind of like that “old time religion…”    If that was good enough for Wilkie and Hattie Lee Clark, then it’s good enough for us.


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