Decision Making: Beware Of The Half-Truth…

When it’s time to decide what funeral home you want to trust your loved one to, where do you go for information?  Who do you trust to tell you the truth about the business you are considering using?

This is something to think about, and I want to give you some more information to help you make this decision, because you would be surprised at all the bad information and half-truths floating around out there about funeral homes, including ours…

Let us help you get a better understanding of who we are.

Did you know that there is always somebody out there, who is ready and waiting to demean, malign, slander, or otherwise throw a funeral home “under the bus” for no reason other than “just because.”    This is true, especially among African-American funeral practitioners.

When somebody is talking negatively about Clark Memorial Funeral Service, you need to ALWAYS CONSIDER THE SOURCE.  Who are you talking to?  Is it somebody who has previously had a relationship with us, that no longer does?  Did that individual leave bitter?  Do you know the circumstances that precipitated their leaving?  Might that individual not be holding a grudge of some kind or other against Clark Memorial?   Think about it.

You need to think:  Ummmmm.  Those folks have been around here for 43 years.  Did they stay around that long, doing people wrong?  Mistreating them?  Violating confidentiality?  Doing sloppy work?

You also need to think:  Ummmmm.  Now, how could those folks possibly be that bad, and have to live right here in the community with us, and face us everyday?

Always remember:  the best source for information about us, IS US…. PERIOD.  Never depend on what you heard somebody say about Clark Memorial Funeral Service, because you might miss out on the best opportunity of your life.  An opportunity to experience our personalized service… our excellent prices, and the experience of dealing with folks who’ve spent their lives in our community, serving, loving and living with the people we serve.

When people are talking us down, you need to think: Ummmmm.  Now why is that person talking so negatively about the Clark’s?  What has HE done?  Who has he ever helped?  Who has he ever stood up for?  What has he ever done in the community?  Who has he ever fought for?  Who has he ever advocated for?    Then, YOU ANSWER EACH ONE OF THOSE QUESTIONS FOR YOURSELF.

The street committee will ALWAYS be there.  And they’ll always be able to do a certain amount of damage through negative talk.  But, here’s what you know:  We’ve been around here for 43 years.  We have a name and a legacy to live up to.   And we are not in the business of  burning bridges after 43 years of building bridges throughout our community.   We ARE TOO LEGIT TO QUIT.   And that’s all we have to say about that.

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