Why Clark Memorial?

Why should any family call Clark Memorial Funeral Service?

Because for us, working with bereaved families is more than just another job to do.  It’s NOT just another call. It really is about the individual who has come to the end of his or her life’s journey and that individual’s family.  That person…. that mom, or that dad… that beloved grandmother who’s loving hands cared for you before you could care for yourself…. that entity represents life.  To us, we are compelled to remember the life of that individual in a way that can only be orchestrated in the moments immediately following the death.   There’s only one chance to get it right.

So, we take particular pride in thinking about every service as unique and different as the person who has ended the journey, and our sincere prayer is that if the loved ones, family and friends who are left behind can FEEL THAT INDIVIDUALIZED effort to honor people then we come closer to serving the true purpose of the funeral… CLOSURE

I believe we are different from other funeral homes simply because we try to care for the deceased as an individual and not just as a funeral – not as a death call.  And we make every effort not to think of it or treat it that way.

For us it’s not about merely selling, a casket or a vault…. or ordering a limousine for the family  It’s about the life that you wish to remember.

We invite you to compare the differences between funeral homes and see for yourself what so many other families have discovered. We have a tradition of service that is…. purely personalized.

I once heard a car commercial that has stuck with me over the years, it advertised that they were different from their competitors, and the difference was what made them who they are.

I thought,  “Now, that’s the way I feel about our funeral home.  I have been fortunate to work at a variety of funeral homes in and out of the area, and with this experience I have learned much.

Not saying that our funeral home is better than another, just saying we are different, we are now offering memorial tree options for those families that want to honor the life of those who they loved.  Yes our funeral home does what most funeral homes do: We care for the deceased, care for the family, have the video tributes, provide the limousines, have a good staff, grief support services, support local charities and civic groups, everything you would expect from a good funeral home.

 So, what is the difference between us and the others?

We believe that our professional integrity and values defines us as a cut above other establishments.

First we will not call you, knock on your door, send mailings to you pursuing, pressuring you into making pre-arranged funeral services. 

We believe that you are wise enough to know when you are ready to talk about these things; AND NOT have someone tell you that you should.

We also feel that it should be a licensed funeral director talking to you about future funeral plans, not a commissioned sales person whose livelihood depends on how many pre-arranged funeral contracts they can sell.

Recently I observed on a particular funeral home’s website that they were almost bragging how many people they have signed up through their pre-need salesperson, we won’t do it this way!

Only one of our licensed funeral directors will talk to you about funeral services, and only when you invite us to, whether you stop in or we come to your home, it is all up to you!

Our funeral home has cared for many families, and sometimes those families have had serious financial issues with an illness, or other life situations that make funeral arrangements the breaking point for them.  But, we truly believe that every human being deserves to be cared for, no matter what and we will see to it that this is done with respect, dignity, and compassion.

Our funeral home in it’s many years of existence has never turned down a family, and we never will!

As a youngster, who mowed the grass, washed the cars, even polished silver for the guest of social gatherings at the funeral home, to the seasoned funeral director with 20 years of caring for many many families, you have my word that we will care for your loved one and your family with care and compassion, and individual attention to the life that was lived and loved.

That is why I appeal to you to compare, and see what so many of OUR families have experienced with our care for them at the time of need.

Clark Memorial Funeral Service
"Where Courtesy Dwells and Service Excels!"
252 LaFayette Highway
(Post Office Box 688)
Roanoke, AL 36274

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