Looking Forward

“We’re Not Only Getting Older…
                                     We’re Getting BETTER!”
 Since 1969, Clark Memorial Funeral service has continued to maintain an acceptable standard of operation by re-investing its revenues to furnish its own supplies, pay its staff, and upgrade its equipment, building, grounds, and fleet.  The passing years have afforded us numerous opportunities to look back on the progress we have made.

Truly God has been good to us, because we have come a long way from that old frame house that Wilkie Clark split in half and set up on block pillars on LaFayette Highway in the middle of an old field.
Some of these improvements included: computerized bookkeeping and accounting services, expanding the parking facilities around our building, enlarging and updating our preparation facilities, annexing a service ramp, and making other structural changes and improvements inside our building to make it more “funeral friendly.”
Although embalming remains an “ancient art” and science, its technology changes almost daily.  Therefore, we have continued to upgrade our skills in the scientific preparation of the remains, by upgrading the equipment we use to perform these important functions.  In completing most of these projects, we have tried to re-invest in our own community, by contracting with people that we know, and those who have supported us with their patronage.
All these changes have been made without the co-owners having to burden the company by incurring any major debt, but they called for us to make numerous PERSONAL sacrifices.  However, we did it joyfully because we love our community, and want you to proud of us, and glad that we are part of the community.
Although we marvel over our past progress, we realize that there are many other needed improvements that we would like to make, such as enlarging our casket selection area, which would allow us to offer a larger selection of merchandise with a more balanced range of quality and price, annexing a larger public viewing area, adding two public restrooms for men and woman, upgrading our parking facilities by the addition of concrete, asphalt, and additional landscaping.  And finally, upgrading our company fleet.
In view of our goals for the future, we pledge to continue to EARN and DESERVE your business by the quality of our performance in this community, and with YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT, WE WILL DO JUST THAT.  When you need the services of a Funeral Home, we appeal to you to CONSIDER US FIRST.  After all, we are here, and we have been here with you all along, and we promise that if you do this for us, we will never forget it.

Clark Memorial Funeral Service
"Where Courtesy Dwells and Service Excels!"
252 LaFayette Highway
(Post Office Box 688)
Roanoke, AL 36274

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