Clarence Frieson, Jr.

Clarence Frieson, Jr.
Licensed Funeral Director
September 24, 1949 ~ April 15, 1993

Clarence Frieson, Jr., was the beloved husband of Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson.   They met in the July of 1975, while she was a student at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.   Clarence was a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama via Columbus, Mississippi.   They dated for two years, and eventually wed on July 30, 1977 in Roanoke, Alabama.   Their marriage gave rise to two children, Wilkie Sherard Frieson, and Je’Lynn Mikele Frieson.

Clarence was an 18-year veteran employee of the Uniroyal-Goodrich Tire Company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he worked in Quality Assurance.

1989 was a very tragic year for the Clark family, and Clark Funeral Home.   Mrs. Hattie Lee Peters Clark passed away in February of that year.  Then, later that year on July 29, their family home burned, and Wilkie Clark, overcome by smoke inhalation, died as a result of the family home burning.   That night, Charlotte vividly recalls, “Clarence was the first person on the scene, and kicked in the door to the house, and crawled around on his belly, trying to find daddy.   But, he couldn’t stay in the house with the immense smoke and fumes billowing around him.”

After Charlotte lost both her parents in the same year, being their “only child,” faced with the arduous task of continuing the Funeral Home operation, Clarence made the difficult decision to make a permanent move to Roanoke, Alabama to assist his wife in running Clark Memorial.

No one worked harder or was more dedicated to Clark Memorial Funeral Service than Clarence Frieson, Jr.  Deeply bereaved over her parents death, Charlotte was comforted by Clarence’s presence in her life.   He worked hard to learn the business, and helped her by becoming an Apprentice Funeral Director.   A man with a beautiful, humble spirit, he was beloved by the Roanoke Community and County at large.

In Roanoke, he was active in local government, and Bethel United Methodist Church, where he served as a member of the Administrative Council, Council on Ministries, Junior Class, Sunday School Teacher, and Superintendent.

He was a very loving and supportive husband, who fully embraced Charlotte’s desire to further her father’s vision.

He was appointed to serve on the Roanoke Utilities Board and served until his untimely death on April 15, 1993.

Clarence Frieson, Jr., passed away on April 15, 1993 having suffered a massive heart attack while at the Funeral Home.  Charlotte found him unconscious in the front office of the Funeral Home on a Thursday afternoon, upon her return from The Georgia Academy of Graduate Embalmers conference in Macon, Georgia.

Paramedics were called to take care of him, however, after several hours he was pronounced dead at Randolph County Hospital Emergency Room.   Again, it was another tragic day for the Clark Funeral Home family.  Just two days before his death, he had successfully passed the Alabama State examination for licensure as a Funeral Director.

Clark Memorial Funeral Service
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