Cremation service is available to all families who prefer this method of disposition.   Families are advised to be aware of Alabama’s legal requirements that WE are bound by law, to follow in performing cremation services, so that any plans involving the availability of the cremated remains can be timed to coincide with the legally required waiting periods.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THESE ARE NOT OUR RULES.  THESE ARE STATE LAWS THAT EVERY FUNERAL DIRECTOR IS LEGALLY BOUND TO COMPLY WITH, AND NO CREMATORY WILL PROVIDE THESE SERVICES UNTIL ALL REQUIREMENTS ARE MET!

Under Alabama state law, there is a 24 hour waiting period from the time of death before a cremation can take place.  After this time, we advise families to allow 24-48 hours before the cremains are ready.

If the deceased has a legal spouse then the spouse must sign the authorization.  If there is no spouse, then all blood related children must sign the authorization in agreement.  If no spouse or children exist then parents or next of kin have the right to sign.

In the event that the legally required next of kin are out-of-town, unavailable, or otherwise unable to sign the required authorization forms, the authorizations can be faxed and the necessary person(s) must sign in front of a licensed notary.

Here are some of our most helpful links that will assist you in your understanding of the cremation process.

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(This is a short video presentation that shows you what actually happens to the body during the cremation process.  Warning:  This video is very graphic)

Cremation Is NOT A Bad Word

This establishment does not own a crematory.


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