Visiting Hours

Visiting the remains the day before the service has become one of the most
common practices among those wanting to show their respects to a family in grief.

On behalf of all the families we serve, the dedicated staff and management of Clark Memorial Funeral Service appreciates all of our funeral and visitation patrons for the concern shown through your phone calls and visits to the funeral home during visitation hours.

So that we can better accommodate our family’s wishes, we ask all visitors to please respect and observe our publicly announced visitation hours.

It is a good idea to call and check in with the funeral home prior to coming by, to get accurate information from us regarding our public visitation hours.

Please keep in mind that we do not provide for visitation at the funeral home ON THE DAY OF THE FUNERAL SERVICE.

One of the important reasons why we limit visitation hours on funeral day, is because the majority of our services are held off-premises, at local churches, which means that on funeral day, the staff is neither prepared nor scheduled to supervise visitation, and our preference on funeral day is to focus our efforts on being prepared to efficiently move the remains, equipment, flowers, and everything that accompanies the service to another location.   Often, without realizing it, those who desire to visit on funeral day complicate our efforts to be completely and totally prepared to meet the family at the appointed place and time.

Please know that in every case, the families are well aware of the agreed-upon visitation hours, and are in agreement with the visitation schedule we have announced to accommodate their friends and loved ones.   They have signed an agreement that sets forth the number of hours of visitation to be provided.

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