While we know that funeral “conventions” differ from one locality to another, the preparation of a delicious soul food menu has persisted throughout the generations, as a way of saying “so sorry for your loss”.

In our communities, the bereaved family usually does not have to be concerned about dinner following the service, especially if the deceased was an active or invalid member of the church.

Nowadays, the churches make use of a dietary (or kitchen) committee  — usually made up of some of the best cooks in the neighborhood — who graciously take on the task of feeding the crowds that accumulate in the church dining room after the funeral service.

So, various types of food and food offerings continue to be a loving way to express sympathy to a family who has lost a loved one.  Often, a welcome surprise comes from a neighbors or friends in the neighborhood who take it upon themselves to  get together and prepare meals to take to the family’s home because they know the family will probably have to prepare for additional house guests, who will certainly get hungry …  This is always seen as a warm loving way to show a grief-stricken family that you care.

There have been rare occasions where the entire family must travel long distances by car to get to the funeral destination, and there is no residence set up locally for the family to board.  In instances like this, may we suggest some wonderful local restaurants who would gladly provide catering services for your funeral?

Just Like Mama’s Family Restaurant

Owner, Craig Carlisle
197 Field Street
Roanoke, Alabama  36274
Phone:  334.863.5551
Phone: 334.863.4443

Just Like Mama’s Menu and restaurant Hours





Clark Memorial Funeral Service
"Where Courtesy Dwells and Service Excels!"
252 LaFayette Highway
(Post Office Box 688)
Roanoke, AL 36274

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