Welcome To Our Website and a Brand New Look

Thank you

Thanks to our many website visitors and funeral patrons for supporting Clark Memorial Funeral Service for 44 consecutive years, spanning three generations of funeral service professionals.

We salute you for your passion and support for our service, and to show our appreciation, we have undertaken a diligent effort to improve our website by making it more attractive, more interactive, and responsive to you our visitors.

Feel the Difference

We hope that upon reaching our site, you could immediately see and feel the difference in our website.

Post an Entry in the Deceased Guestbook

Hopefully, you have noticed a new layout for our obituaries, and the fact that now you are able to sign and view an individual guestbook for each person who has passed away.  You are able to see your post immediately after you submit it.


We have tried to provide for more opportunities FOR YOU to GIVE US your FEEDBACK, because it is so important for us to keep in touch with you and know what you are thinking… or how you are feeling in response to our service.

Better Navigation

We have also made the effort to make it easy for you to navigate and find what you are looking for.   So, in addition to links that may appear throughout a webpage, you will find the most IMPORTANT LINKS at both the TOP and BOTTOM of our webpages.

Informational Videos

In addition to our memorial videos which appear with individual obituaries, we have also added several “informational videos” to our menu of services available to you on our website.   Be sure to take advantage of every resource you find here.


We invite you to enjoy our website, and take advantage of all the information you find here.

Despite the change in the look and feel of our site, the following remains true:

“Our website design may change,
our style may change…
time may even change
but our old-fashioned values,
like honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and
professional ethics, will always remain the same!




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