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In these tough economic times, many families find it next to impossible to purchase a granite or marble headstone immediately after the funeral.  But Clark Memorial Funeral Service can provide you with a beautiful “Simulated Granite” grave marker like the one shown here.
While these “Simulated Granite” markers are meant to be temporary, they hold up amazingly well, and last for years.  So, there is no reason not to order one either when making arrangements or soon afterward.
The marker can either be placed directly on top of a surface vault, or can be made with a stake and placed directly on the ground, or cemetery turf.
Often with the best intentions … days become months and before you know it, years have passed with your loved one’s grave still unmarked.Our Simulated Marker makes it easy and affordable to provide a low-cost marker for your loved one’s grave in a short time.   This marker will remain on the grave until you are ready to purchase a more permanent stone for the grave.
Be sure to visit this link to learn more about this beautiful, tasteful, and economical way to mark your loved ones grave.

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