Cremation Is NOT a BAD Word

In recent years, we’ve seen more than a few of our families faced with making the very hard choice to have a loved one’s remains cremated.

In the overwhelming majority of these cases, the families are torn between their christian values — in particular their strong belief in underground burial–  and the financial practicality of not being in a position to pay the enormous cost of a traditional christian (underground) burial.

In this situation the family members are overcome with remorse for the obvious choice they are facing.  They are hating to do it.   “We don’t want to do our ______ (you fill in the blank: ie “mom”, “dad”, “grandma”, “grandpa”, “sister”, “brother”, “nanna”, “favorite uncle” like that.”  But we just don’t have any way to pay for a “nice” funeral.

In recent years, we have also seen the cost of funerals grow so prohibitive that even families who maybe are able to scrape up the cost of the funeral are left in a financial bind many years afterward.

But, please let me assure you right now, that CREMATION is not an ugly word.  And when/if you find yourself having no other alternative, don’t consider it as a gloom-doom situation.  You still have a wonderful opportunity to be more creative in the way you choose to celebrate the life of that loved one.

Let me encourage you to consider letting us work with you…  We can show you how to take advantage of the economic benefit of cremating a loved one while at the same time, staging a wonderful memorial tribute.   Please call Clark Memorial Funeral Service at 334.863.4885.

If you are interested in our cremation services, please visit this link, where we provide more details about choosing cremation as a means of final disposition.

If you would like to view a video that illustrates the modern cremation process, please visit this link.

And if you have more questions about cremation, please visit this link to see the answers to the most-asked questions about this subject.

I invite you to join me on my blog “The Director” where I discuss many modern issues related to funeral service and preparation for the end of life.


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