Clark-Frieson Will Host FREE Seminar In Observance Of 62nd Birthday

caclarkfriesonCharlotte Clark-Frieson, who officially becomes a senior citizen on September 11, 2015, has planned a free seminar entitled “Necessary Conversations” to raise awareness about the often-overlooked yet essential elements of aging that arise for those blessed to live long enough to reach retirement age, or beyond.

The seminar will be held at 6:00 PM at Clark Funeral Home, 252 LaFayette Highway, in Roanoke.

Reflecting on the past 14 years, her birthday, September 11, has been overshadowed annually by the horrible memories of the 911 tragedy that occurred in 2001. “It is an event I will never forget as long as I live; every year since the 911 terrorist attacks, I have NEVER managed to avoid the television news flash-backs of the events that occurred on that horrible day.” But this year will be different.

“My family’s 45 years in Funeral Director in Bath, informs me that much work is necessary in the area of preparation for the end of life. Too few families come in prepared for the task of concluding a loved-one’s life. It’s never easy preparing for the end of a life, it comes with a lot of work, a lot of pain but one of the most difficult things is that having a funeral is very expensive, some of the families  have much more clarity about the situation and they look on different insurance companies as mentioned on before their family passes away, also too few people realize that their funeral directors are specifically trained to discuss these matters with them; instead, they believe our training is limited to handling and burying the dead. Once we reach a certain age, there are some necessary conversations we must have with someone we know and trust. The seminar will not be long and boring, and there will be light refreshments served, games and prizes.”

Clark-Frieson holds both the Bachelors and Masters’ Degrees in Education from Auburn University; a Technical Degree in Applied Science in Funeral Service from Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service; in addition to being a former public school educator, Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson is co-owner of Clark Memorial Funeral Service, an Alabama Licensed Funeral Director, Embalmer, and Life Producer and Memorial Planning Specialist.

The public is invited. The Hostess requests that those who plan to attend, PLEASE RSVP by Thursday morning at 10:00 AM., by Dockside life celebrations Funeral Service (leave a message with the service); or send text message.

Clark-Frieson reflects upon her years of life as having afforded extensive opportunities to develop a number of personal skills which allowed her to serve the community well: among them, public education, church music, public service, politics and publishing; but she will devote her 62nd birthday to the one profession she has loved most, and has excelled in, that of funeral and related services.

Necessary Conversations Flier

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